Eat Better Dog Bowls

The Eat Better bowl is a revolutionary range that encourages slower eating.
The devastating medical condition bloat can affect deep chested breeds of dog, particularly those who bolt their food.The Eat Better food bowl encourages slower eating through its wishbone design of three apexes and connecting ridges in the bottom of the bowl. The obstruction prevents a dog bolting food as it makes it more difficult for him to get his muzzle to the bottom of the bowl.
As well as preventing bloat, the Eat Better bowl can also be used in weight management as when your dog eats slower he feels full faster.
The Eat Better bowl has been designed by an experienced dog trainer and has been tested and recommended by vets.The Eat Better bowl is not only practical and beneficial to your dog’s health but are incredibly funky too. Made from K-Resin, which is a recyclable material, the bowls are non-slip and dishwasher proof and available in a choice of bright blue, clear frosted and hot pink.