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Dapper Pets Shop of the month - Kidd n Snore

Congratulations to this months shop of the month- Lets hear from Kidd n Snore!
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20 Feb 2018 16:19

Bring Your Dog To Work Day set for June 22, 2018

Bring Your Dog To Work Day, founded and organised by multi-award winning ethical pet care brand HOWND, returns on Friday 22nd June. Now in its fifth year, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is embraced by dog lovers and their employers throughout the UK with thousands of businesses and employees taking part. The day is much loved by thousands of people in the UK, including high profile celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, the Top Gear team, ITV’s Loose Women, Tennis TV, Shrek the Musical, Coronation Street and many more, all showing their support last year by posting on social media.

There is no doubt that this annual event has captured the imagination of our dog loving nation and has become an highlight in the UK calendar - people really love taking their best friend to work with them. Jo Amit, co-owner of HOWND and founder and organiser of Bring Your Dog To Work Day, says: “Just interacting with these wonderful animals can help reduce stress levels and blood pressure. "Taking part in Bring Your Dog to Work Day sure is making bosses around the country more popular with their staff! I’ve never seen an unhappy office dog, only unhappy employees who have to leave their beloveds at home.

"We love the response the event gets each year – it’s a real highlight for us to see so many happy dogs and owners at work together.” Bring Your Dog to Work Day has a serious side, as well as being a great day out for our furry four-legged friends. Every year, it donates the funds raised from business sponsorships and individual donations to animal welfare charities via the official Bring Your Dog To Work Day website.

Money raised in 2018 will go directly to All Dogs Matter, a charity that rescues and rehomes hundreds of dogs each year in the UK. This year, the organisers are also encouraging businesses to come on board as official sponsors and raise funds for their own animal welfare charities too. Bring Your Dog To Work Day’s social pages, as well as the official charity’s, will share all Bring Your Dog To Work Day official sponsors’ in-house fundraising events, competitions and activities in their social feeds.

In return for a business making a minimum £100 donation, its company logo and website link will be displayed on the homepage, and they will receive a thank you shout out from All Dogs Matter on social media. It’s a great opportunity to amplify your brand. Last year the hashtag #BringYourDogToWork trended again at number one on Twitter when it reached over 13 million users in one hour. Sponsorship is open to any business. Previous sponsors have included a diverse range of businesses from across the UK and Europe, with high profile brands from the pet sector, white goods companies, law firms, hospitality, private jet companies, luxury sectors, TV shows, comedians, and more taking part. HR guidelines and an Info Pack are available to download from the website to help make the day run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

A “pooch selfie” of a dog at work in the home or office, in the shop, in the cab of a lorry, or wherever it is safe to have a dog in the workplace, can be uploaded to the “Dog With A Job Hall of Fame” for a minimum £5 donation. Anyone that donates more than £10 will be automatically be entered into our Bring Your Dog To Work Day annual prize draw with a chance to win £100s worth of goodies from our official business sponsors. See competition page.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day is now recognised as a fun fundraising day for dog lovers but having your dog at work has added mental health benefits too. Many studies have shown that the presence of pets can substantially reduce stress levels in the workplace. Increased job satisfaction and morale have all been reported by employers who have their pets with them at work.

12 Feb 2018 16:17

Stop promoting Pugs this Valentine’s Day’, claim vets

Pugs and other flat-faced dogs and cats are covering cards and gifts this Valentine’s Day, but with their ‘cute’ looks masking a multitude of health and welfare problems the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has written to the greeting card industry asking for their help to curb the worrying demand for flat-faced pets. According to a survey of UK vets, the top three reasons people buy Pugs and other brachycephalic (meaning ‘short’ ‘head’) animals are because of their looks, popularity and high profile on merchandise and across the media. However, vets also said they believe that the majority of owners were unaware of the breeds’ potential health and welfare problems before choosing their pet. To help raise retailer and public awareness of flat-faced breeds’ problems, the trade body for the greeting card industry has highlighted the issue with their members. The chief executive of the Greeting Card Association, Sharon Little, said: “Greeting cards reflect lifestyle trends so, unsurprisingly, popular animals are featured on greeting cards, as well as many other products. We have written to our members to raise awareness of the campaign and have publicised it through the trade press. “Card publishers and retailers have up to a year’s lead times, but we’re sharing this information now so that our members can make informed decisions about the products they stock and sell in the future.” Over half of the brachycephalic dogs and a quarter of the brachycephalic cats that vets see need treatment for health issues related to how they look, revealed BVA’s Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey.

President of the British Veterinary Association, vet John Fishwick said: “Pugs and many other flat-faced dogs have lovely temperaments, but the use of their images on cards and gifts is ‘normalising’ these breeds’ short noses and big eyes which can cause horrendous pain for the animal and prove costly for the owner to treat.

“We understand that stock for this year is already in the shops, but we’re confident that now card retailers are aware of these problems they will want to do their bit to reduce the visibility and, hopefully, the popularity of these breeds.

“Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, so giving a gift or card depicting an animal that can suffer breathing difficulties or skin problems as a result of its breeding is definitely a message to avoid. That’s why we’re saying choose hugs not Pugs to show your love.”

The vets’ Valentine’s Day message is part of BVA’s #BreedtoBreathe campaign, which is calling on big brands to help combat the rise in popularity of these extreme features and stop promoting them in merchandising and advertising.

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05 Feb 2018 12:57

When is Crufts 2018? Dates, how to get tickets and full schedule and TV channel details

The biggest canine competition in the UK is back. Thousands of dogs are gearing up for Crufts 2018 and this is how you can join them. Crufts has been running since 1891, and after more than 100 years, it now has 22,000 dogs taking part, 140,000 spectators and 2.5 million people watching on TV at home. This year Crufts will be held over 8th to 11th March at Birmingham's NEC, and tickets for Crufts 2018 are available from The Ticket Factory now. All tickets (excluding best in show and obedience ring) include general admission to the show.

Each day is broken down into different breeds before the Best In Show at the end of each day, and the final at the end of the four days. There's also an Obedience Ring at the start of each day.

Birmingham Mail reports the programme for each day of Crufts 2018 as follows:

Day 1 - Thursday, March 8 - Working and pastoral breeds

Day 2 - Friday, March 9 - Terrier and hound breeds

Day 3 - Saturday, March 10 - Toy and utility breeds

Day 4 - Sunday, March 11 - Gundog breeds and Best In Show

Each day runs from 8.15am to 6.30pm, though Best In Show is from 4.45pm to 9pm Each day also features an Obedience Ring starting at 8.15am. Tickets are priced from £16.20 to £19.44 over the four days, with tickets to the Obedience Ring are priced at £12, and the Best in Show ranges from £19 to £26.

You'll need to leave your pooch at home however, as the only dogs allowed in Crufts are those invited by the Kennel Club, or assistance dogs.

Last year Miami the American Cocker Spaniel, with handler and co-owner Jason Lynn from Lancashire was awarded the prestigious Crufts Best in Show title. Jason had even won Best in Show with a Standard Poodle in 2014, now those are some prised pooches. The Reserve Best in Show award was won by Frankie the Miniature Poodle, owned by Melanie Harwood also from Lancashire.

This hasn't been announced yet, but last year Crufts was shown on Channel 4 and live streamed on Youtube. Check back for more information.

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29 Jan 2018 16:13

Road-tripper rescued two dogs abandoned in the middle of the desert and now they're travelling the world together

A road-tripper rescued two abandoned puppies from the middle of the desert - and took them on a 30,000-mile journey through 35 US states. Jordan Kahana, 30, was driving from LA to Colorado when he spotted the tiny dogs on the side of a remote road. The digital director rushed them to an animal hospital where vets told him the male and female pups, aged just eight weeks old, were severely dehydrated.They also revealed that the stretch of highway, between Sedona and Page in Arizona, was a 'hot spot' for dumping unwanted pets. Kind-hearted Jordan decided he couldn't leave without the puppies - so he decided to adopt them and carried on with his adventure.

Since rescuing them in December 2016, Jordan and his new travel buddies have driven roughly 32,000 miles through 35 states, including along the east and west coasts. The trio - who sleep most nights in Jordan's trusty van - have visited 12 national parks as well as tourist hotspots like Times Square in New York and the Hollywood sign in LA.Jordan, of Chicago, Illinois, said: "I just knew I had to bring them with me. If I couldn't keep them when I got back to LA where I lived at the time, I was going to find a good home for them. "Luckily at the hospital they were just dehydrated and very thirsty. I got them their shots and that's where the adventure squad was born.

"I was driving to Colorado to spend New Year with my friends and when I left Page, I called one of them and asked him if I could bring along two more friends and he said, 'No problem'. "When I showed up with the dogs, he was so surprised."Everyone wanted to hear the story and fell in love with the dogs, how could they not. They were at their cutest stage." Jordan christened his new travel buddies Sedona and Zeus and determined that they were a German Shepard and border collie mix through a DNA test. In the year since he adopted the dogs, Jordan left his digital director position in Los Angeles and the trio have traveled to 35 states and even ventured to Canada in his trusty van.

The adventurer, who has racked up 50,000 followers on Instagram, said: "After that Christmas road trip, I had planned to leave my job in March or April because I wanted to travel more and I did that. "I'm lucky because I can do a lot of freelance work, and to keep my costs down I plan my trips so that I can sometimes stay with friends."I'm used to traveling by myself, but it has been great to have some companionship. We've basically traveled cross-country in month-long stints. "I just put the back seat down in the jeep and I've got them a mattress so they're comfortable. "We've done some amazing hikes in national parks around the country, and one of the highlights has been being able to hike virtually on our own in these beautiful places because we visit at off-peak times.

"We've done the west coast and travelled to Yellowstone National Park which was amazing, but we've also done an east coast trip where we travelled to places like Denver, Chicago, where I'm from, Pittsburg, New York, North Carolina, New Orleans, Austin, Texas, New Mexico, and Phoenix, Arizona."During the east coast trip, we clocked up 20,000 miles on my car." While Jordan says becoming a dog dad has been life-changing he says it isn't all sunny on the road with Zeus and Sedona, despite the enviable Instagram pictures on their account. "They're a lot better now but I can tell you, that first trip, my car smelled like pee the whole time."

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23 Jan 2018 15:33

Our customers and their doggies in the spotlight......

This weeks article comes from Victoria and her dog Maggie. Here is what she had to say about her little beauty...

'Maggie is a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, now aged two years old. She is my first pet dog and my journey into pet parenting has been a pure delight. Maggie is a little smaller than most cavaliers we meet, but she is happy, healthy and she is a proper little adventurer, her small stature does not hold her back from making friends and keeping up with much bigger dogs.

Pet ownership has opened many new doors to me and helped with meeting other people and dogs, where as before I was quite shy, having such a friendly little girl by my side has helped immensely. In Maggie's first year we made sure she was well socialised, beginning with group puppy walks, which I loved going to (who wouldn't love to be surrounded by adorable puppies) and was quite sad when she became to grown up to go anymore.

We also did many dog shows in Maggie's first year, culminating in Maggie winning reserve Champion of Champions at the Heart of England dog shows. We have used red dingo products ever Maggie out grew her first puppy harness. Her first harness was found in our local pets at home store, a red harness with white stars on it. It outlasted a couple of other harnesses we bought over the next few months and so we decided to stick with the brand. When I found out that Destination Pet in Higham Ferrers were stocking Red Dingo, we bought a full set, this time choosing a purple daisy chain design.

A few months later we entered the Red Dingo pet adventurer of the month, and Maggie won! Her prize was another Red Dingo lead, collar and tag. We are looking forward to seeing new Red Dingo products over the next few months and perhaps getting a new set for a new season. '

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Husband says pet dog saved his family from arson attack

A man from Hertfordshire says he and his wife could have died in an arson attack if it wasn't for the warning they got from their dog.Joe Glavey was asleep in bed at his home in Hoddesdon when CCTV captured the attacker pouring petrol over his Mercedes at 1am.

Thanks to the dog's frantic barking, his owners woke up before the fire could spread.Joe and his family have lived in Hoddesden for over 30 years but Joe say there had never been any problems until the street lights were turned off at night.He claims since then other cars have been torched and there's been burglaries and bin fires which is why he installed CCTV.

'It does appear since the street lights have gone out crime, as the police stated to us, is on the increase. You don't always hear about it but when something like this happens then they do come out and tell you what's gone on in the area. It does seem like crime has gone through the roof.'

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Shop of the month - January

Here is this months Shop of the Month , or should we say shelter of the month. Well done Newcastle Cat&Dog Shelter xx
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09 Jan 2018 13:02

This Grumpy Cat Crashed A Nativity Scene In NYC

A New York-based photographer, Brooke Goldman, dragged herself out of bed one day to walk her travel-bound boyfriend to the train station. She would have much rather stayed in bed but duty called and on the way back to her apartment all she could think about was getting back to bed, it was then that she saw one of the funniest sights of her life. She spotted a nativity scene as she walked past a building and thought something about it didn’t seem quite right.

As she got closer she realised that it wasn’t baby Jesus sitting in the red basket, it was a very grumpy tabby cat! This sight totally made her day and she as she put it: “I was laughing my ass off!” Little did this grumpy imposter realize that the image of him in the basket would bring joy to the world. “I guess you can definitely say he brought me joy while I was walking home. It was mood-lifting, most definitely,” Brooke said.

Brooke felt like sharing this moment with the world and being a photographer she took a pic of the not so happy kitty and posted it on the internet for all to see. It probably wasn’t his intention, but he managed to inspire some major holiday cheer on the Internet!

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18 Dec 2017 13:12

The UK’s most popular names for cats and dogs of the past year have been revealed.

‘Tis a contentious issue: while some people strongly believe that animals should not have human names, others feel the opposite.

But given the findings by Argos Pet Insurance, human names are reigning supreme - there’s not a Fido in sight.

The top name for male dogs in 2017 was Alfie, and Poppy for female - both names that have proven popular for babies in recent years too.

And when it comes to our feline friends, the top names last year were Charlie and Poppy once again, for males and females respectively.

In fact, many of the names in the list are popular children’s names of the moment, and there are few gender-neutral names in the top ten.

The UK’s most popular dog names in 2017:

For male dogs: Alfie, Charlie ,Max, Oscar, Buddy,Archie,Bailey,Teddy, Milo, Toby

For female dogs:

Poppy,Bella,Molly,Daisy,Lola,Ruby, Millie,Rosie,Tilly,Roxy

The UK’s most popular cat names in 2017:

For male cats:


For female cats:


Interestingly, many of the names appear popular for both cats and dogs. So if you want to make sure you won't get your pooch mixed up in the park, perhaps going back to Fido might be a good move.

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