Red Dingo Reversible Puffer Jacket Orange / Red

Product Code: PJ-PM-OR



Red Dingo Puffer Jackets are super warm with a lightweight wind-resistant outer shell. Two complementary colours allow the jacket to be reversible. The unique waterproof neoprene panel helps with a more comfortable fit and protects the underbody from moisture, such as dew or snow

Before ordering a product measure your dog's neck, topline and girth to make sure you will pick the right size

Important: only the accurate size will fit your dog properly. A coat too big or too small will certainly not be comfortable! Please find measuring guide below & on the product gallery


Super Warm

Generous amounts of warm and soft polyfill provides excellent insulation.

Waterproof Neoprene

Our unique neoprene body panel is 100% waterproof to keep the underbody dry from dew, snow and water.

Wind-Resistant Shell

A nylon shell reduces wind-chill and sewn segments keep the stuffing in place.

Comfort Fit

The neoprene panel offers 4-way stretch for a close-fitting, but comfortable, fit.


Two complementary colours per jacket allow them to be reversible.

Lightweight Jacket

Perfect for a walk around the block, trip to the café or longer forest runs.

Red Dingo coats and jackets are machine washable (max. 40°C/104°F). Spot test any cleaning products first on an inconspicuous area. Airdry only. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron

Redistribution of stuffing inside Puffer Jackets may be required if clumping occurs


1. Measure the back length (A) from the centre of the shoulder blades to the base of tail

2. Find the closest matching size on the table

3. Check your dog’s other measurements Neck & Chest. (B+C)

4. If they are larger than on the chart, choose a size up

Size Back Length (A) Neck Diameter (B) Chest Diameter (C)

25 - 25 cm (10”) 28 cm (11”). 37 cm (14.5”)

30 - 30 cm (12”) 34 cm (13”) 44 cm (17”)

35 - 35 cm (14”) 39,5 cm (15.5”) 51 cm (20”)

40 - 40 cm (16”) 44 cm (17”) 58 cm (23”)

45 - 45 cm (18”) 49 cm (19”) 65 cm (26”)

50 - 50 cm (20”) 53 cm (21”) 72 cm (28.5”)

55 - 55 cm (22”) 57 cm (22.5”) 79 cm (31”)

60 - 60 cm (24”) 61,5 cm (24”) 86 cm (34”)